Year: 2020
Project type: Spatial Design (Group Project)
Develop an experimental environment within the Paddington Reservoir Gardens that emphasises the interior of the space, and user experience.
We developed an exhibition called Oasis, focused on meditation and relaxation, using material, shape, lighting and place to accentuate the feeling of calm. My main responsibilities were to produce the visualisations and flythrough video.
Our concept for Oasis was to produce meditation pods of different sizes to allow different experiences and interactions for users. The pods were designed to be used whenever the participant would like, whether that was 5 minutes during their lunchbreak, or 20 minutes after a stressful day at work. 
We focused on producing a calming environment and sensory experience through the use of natural materials (specifically wood), curved lines, soft lighting and relaxing scents. We created three sizes of meditation pods (the cocoon, the egg and the nest) allowing people to meditate collectively or individually, providing a range of experiences.
Within the project, my primary responsibility was producing the digital models, renderings and flythrough video. This was a learning experience for me as I had minimal experience with these tasks. I produced the initial model through SketchUp, and rendered it through Twinmotion, where I also produced the flythrough.
Flythrough Video

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