Year: 2020
Project type: Publication Design
Design Brief
Create a magazine that explores the idea of trust.
We produced a magazine called Rethread, which discussed trust in the community, specifically in relation to Covid-19. Each group member produced 2 spreads for the magazine. 
Rethread was inspired by the experiences of young people in the first year of the pandemic, and the way they were blamed in the media for the spread of Covid-19. We wanted to look at the idea of trust in the community regarding Covid-19, and how it was necessary to trust our fellow community members to be safe in order to slow the spread. Our target audience was young people, aged 18-30, who were socially aware, community minded and well-informed, since this matched the tone of our articles.
I kept my layouts simple and created a clear visual hierarchy in the text, and added simple elements for visual interest including offset borders and background shapes. Background shapes were used in all of our spreads, which created consistency throughout the whole magazine, reinforced through the colour palette. The circular background shapes were reinforced by the round borders used to frame the pull quotes.   
My Spreads

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