Year: 2020
Project type: Exhibition Design & Data Visualisation
Design Brief
Develop an exhibition or public display that includes at least three different data visualisations with one coherent narrative. Your design must include an interactive visualisation.
I produced an exhibition for young Australians on the dangers of UV radiation, and it's role in skin cancer. I produced three visualisations and an exhibition map. 
The concept of this exhibition was to present the data in an easy to understand and engaging way. I used light as a medium in the data visualisations to create a unique experience and connect with the exhibitions message. Simple designs allowed the data to speak for itself, and made the light the main feature of the exhibition.
As the viewer walks through the exhibition, they pass through 11 rooms, representing the 11 ratings of the UV index. Each room is lit up in the colour that aligns with the UV rating the room represents. As they walk further into the exhibition, and move up the UV index, the data becomes more confronting representing the increasing severity. This creates an immersive experience for the audience, and reinforces the overall message of the exhibition.
The exhibition includes an interactive component that allows the audience to see how the effects of UV exposure change depending on exposure time and the UV index rating. This provided another way to interact with the data, and made the exhibition more engaging.  
Visualisations & Mockups
GIF of Interactive Process
Lighting & Exhibition Map

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