Year: 2021
Project type: Identity & Packaging Design
Design Brief
Design a coordinated set of campaign materials for a social cause or event. Include a set of posters, a brochure and an gif.
I produced campaign materials for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), focusing on the threat of humans to the survival of wildlife.
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a charity organisation dedicated to conserving wildlife and wild places through conservation, action and education.
The concept of this project was to use draw attention to the human causes of wildlife extinction. I utilised a paper cut-out design through the campaign materials, signifying that if we do not take action, these animals will be ‘cut out’ of our world. The colour palette was chosen to evoke images the natural landscape, inspired by the colours of the sand, sky and foliage. 
The brochure continued the design style established in the posters, and provided a comprehensive summary of the WCS and its work, as well as a call to action they could follow to help the cause. I used a ‘half fold then tri fold’ format to allow the information to be separated and easily understood, and utilised a full size map to engage audiences and bring the written information to life.
The gif was designed as supporting material to the elephant poster, sharing the same anti-ivory trafficking message. The simple design and neutral tones allowed the movement of the scissors to stand out and visualise the message.
Campaign Materials

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