Year: 2021
Project type: Identity & Packaging Design
Design Brief
Develop a brand identity and set of packaging samples for a conceptual company of your choosing.
I created a DIY cake decorating company called Wild Honey, and produced packaging for a range of DIY cake kits. 
Wild Honey is a conceptual baking brand that encourages families to get wild in the kitchen, and bake show stopping cakes. The brand is built on findings from my time working in a bakery helping customers design custom cakes, where I saw parents seeking extravagant cakes for their children but not having the skills or time to produce these themselves.
Wild Honey was conceptualised as a fun, creative and modern baking brand that provides a trendy alternative to traditional cake mix companies. The brand allows consumers to create show stopping cakes from the comfort of home, allowing the whole family to get involved in the process and encouraging creativity in the kitchen. Imagery of a bee was chosen as the logo of Wild Honey, not only representing the name ‘honey’, but also symbolising brightness, freedom and celebration. 
The brand’s identity is represented through the bright colour palette and cartoon-style illustrations. Using vector drawings and a clean, simple layout represents the modern direction of the brand, and allows the product to stand out against competitors, who traditionally use photo-based packaging.
Logo Variations

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