Hi, I'm 
I am a graduate graphic designer with special interests in typography, branding and identity design, and packaging. I graduated from UNSW with a double degree in Design (Honours) & Media, specialising in graphics and spatial design. I have experience across a variety of mediums and design formats including publication, packaging, branding and exhibition design.
My Media studies focused on PR & Advertising, providing me with a unique perspective, and an understanding of how the worlds of design and media interact and can be used to enhance each other.
I have a passion for all things creative; whether that is baking, music, makeup or crochet you can bet I will be there! I love finding new ways to express this creativity, and graphic design has been the perfect way to harness my ideas and bring them to life.
One of my favourite things about design is being able to tell stories through visuals. I have always been a storyteller, and sharing experiences is something I love to do. Finding ways to bring this into my work, and share the stories of others is something I am passionate about.
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed your time! If you’d like to work with me, pop over to the Contact page, and I will speak with you soon!
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